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Business Overview

CEO’s Message

“Deliciousness brings smiles.”

We create happy smiles and comfort for everyone involved in our company by making confectionery.

SHINKO CO., LTD: Manufacture and wholesale of confectionery

We, SHINKO CO., LTD, have pursued deliciousness and originality rather than expanding the company.

As time has passed modern society has changed dramatically.
However, creating sweets is always a fulfilling time no matter the era.

We will continue to treasure "sweet communication," a coinage that refers to the spread of conversation, smiles, and connections with people through sweets, and we will also make the most of local Kyushu ingredients in our confectionery production and take on the challenge of creating new products as well as cherishing our classic products.


13-3 Kamisoneshinmachi, Kokuraminami-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, JAPAN
Phone: +81 93-473-8123
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Reception: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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