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Management Policy

“Deliciousness brings smiles.”

We create happy smiles and comfort for everyone involved in our company by making confectionery.

■ “Deliciousness starts from the ingredients.”
What people think is delicious changes with the times.
Also, different people seek different tastes.

However, deliciousness always starts from the same place.
Selecting and communicating with good ingredients creates a high-quality taste that people enjoy.

Making confectionery is about making deliciousness.
That’s why we “want to make sweets that our children can eat with peace of mind.”
We will never forget this natural feeling and continue to seek encounters with deliciousness every day.

■ “Freshness is deliciousness.”
No matter how good the ingredients used, a product’s taste deteriorates over time. To deliver freshly prepared products, we have established a unique fresh rotation system based on the concept of “freshness is deliciousness,” and we always manufacture to order. We challenge ourselves to make confectionery that are as fresh as possible.

■ “Commitment to Our Home of Kyushu”
Shinko’s hometown, Kyushu, is surrounded by the sea and mountains.
It is a treasure trove of seafood and mountain produce, some of Japan’s best.

As customers become increasingly conscious of safety and security,
we hope to utilize ingredients from our home prefectures of kyushu in our products,
adding “deliciousness and a sense of nostalgia” to them.


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