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Baked Sweets

Shinko Egg Cake

A light, sweet aroma will spread throughout your mouth after just one bite of this fluffy, mellow, and chewy Egg Cake made with honey.

Shinko Melon Cake

The Egg Cake is covered in cookie dough to make a crispy, delicious Melon Cake with a heartwarming sweetness.

Petit Sweets Assorted Cakes

Bite-sized cakes made with fermented butter. Featuring three delicious flavors of Madeleine, Financier and Gateau Chocolate.

Petit Sweets Cheese Tart

Flavorful cheesecakes are wrapped with soft cookie dough and then baked.

Petit Sweets Chocolate Chip Cake

This is a bite-sized chocolate cake made from fluffy dough and chocolate chips kneaded into the cake for a sweet, mild taste.


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