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Management division that supports our company

■ Development Division [Planning]

ーCatching trends with refined sensibility! Consistently create new tastes.ー

Confectionery that have lived with people through many eras. That is why it is important to always listen to customers and to develop products that meet the needs of the times. We constantly seek new tastes based on a concept of “inexpensive, delicious, and safe confectionery production.”
We repeatedly carry out research to make new products, utilizing experience and know-how as only Shinko—the maker of hit products including Koyanagi Karinto, Crisp Cake, Mini Donuts, and Kyushu Umakamon Series—can.

■ Quality Control Division [Quality]

ーMake every effort to create safe, delicious food that everyone can eat with peace of mind.ー

With the motto of "Freshness is deliciousness," we take every possible measure to ensure quality control. Oil acidity checks (AV-CHECK) are performed daily without fail. Final products are always inspected with a metal detector prior to packaging. There are concerns about bacteria and mold in donuts that use eggs, so the factory has a strict control system that includes having employees pass through an air shower before entering the factory and frequent hand-washing. Eggs, the key to deliciousness, are cracked, their shells are completely removed, and then pasteurized. They are kept refrigerated at 5°C or below. To ensure uniform temperature and quality of kneaded dough, egg temperature is managed prior to use. As the temperature varies by the day, it is meticulously adjusted daily.

■ Manufacturing Division [Manufacture]

ーA variety of deliciousness that is fresh created from excellent ingredients, the latest facilities, and high proficiencyー

Manufacturing plants

・First factory: Various Arare
・Second factory: Donuts
・Third factory: Baked sweets, various poly juice

Carefully selected ingredients

・Original mixed powder co-developed with a major milling company
・Pure vegetable oil with abundant oleic acid
・Natural fruit juices with strong aroma and sweetness

At SHINKO CO., LTD, the veteran technical personnel fully demonstrate their skills and know-how, continuing to challenge themselves to create new flavours that never become boring while carrying on with the traditional methods of production.

Also, to respond to an increase in orders, our third factory was newly completed in 2003 and continuously produces products of stable quality with the latest sanitary facilities, thereby realizing a 24-hour production system.


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