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1950. Kikutaro Koshino, the founder, started manufacturing “Karinto” by confectionery wholesale in Tobata (the present Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu).
1954. The company was founded under the name of Shinko-seika kabushikigaisha (真光製菓株式会社). Started manufacture and wholesale of “Koyanagi Karinto,” a Japanese deep-fried brown sugar snack.
1966. 1966 Newly established a factory and office in Kokurakita-ku.
1974.  The company was reorganized and restarted as 株式会社真光 (Kabushikigaisha Shinko). Launched “Shinko Crisp Cake” in the Arare category (very small rice biscuits).
1982. Launched “Honey Donuts” as the third pillar of fried confectionery.
1985. Built a new factory in Kokuraminami-ku as a specialty manufacturer of fried confectionery.
1987. Started a project through which products are sent directly from the factory to stores.
1989. Started sale of the “Shinko Mini Donuts Party Box.”
1990. Opened the Osaka branch office.
1991. Opened the Hiroshima branch office.
1994. Added “Anko Donuts” to the product lineup, making the donuts category a full line.
1996. Opened branch offices in North Kanto and Nagoya.
1997. Expanded into baked goods.
" As a result of a corporate acquisition, launched production of beverage products (Polyjuice).
2002. 2002 Renovated the head office factory and built a beverage factory.
" Started sale of the “Kyushu Umakamon Series.”
2003. Changed the CI and the company name to “SHINKO CO., LTD.” upon the company’s 50th anniversary. Started sale of the 50th-anniversary project “Kyushu Umakamon Factory Pack.”
2004. Acquired ISO9001.
" Launched the “Petit Sweet” series as the second type of baked sweet.
2006. Expanded the baked sweets product line to two lines.
2007. Ended sales of Karinto, which had been sold for 54 years since 1954.
2008. Expanded the fried rice cracker product line.
2009. Opened the affiliated company “sweets shop FAVORI.”
2010. Capital rose to 75 million yen due to the capital increase of Osaka Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
2011. Provided relief supplies to areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
2012. Held the first “Shinko Sweets Festival.”
2013. Held the second “Shinko Sweets Festival.”
2014. Held the third “Shinko Sweets Festival.”
" Renovated the package design of the classic product “Shinko Crisp Cake” as its 40th anniversary project.
" Launched “Kitakyu Ito Aji Arare” as part of the Kitakyushu City food branding project.
" Launched a doughnut product with a new shape, the “Stick Doughnut.”
2015. Held the fourth “Shinko Sweets Festival.”
" Launched an assortment set of arare and karinto products as a new type under the Kyushu Umakamon Series, thereby reviving the Karinto line.
" Launched “Softy Ice,” which pursued a new texture for beverages.
2016. Held the fifth “Shinko Sweets Festival.”
" Established “KIKUTARO” as a new shop.
" Launched “Genki Hasshin!! Kyushu Umakamon” to support recovery from the Kumamoto Oita earthquake.
2017. Held the sixth “Shinko Sweets Festival.”
2018. Held the seventh “Shinko Sweets Festival.”
" Launched “Fruit Jelly” and “Yogurt Jelly.”
" Acquired FSSC22000 (only the first and second factories).
2019. Held the eighth “Shinko Sweets Festival.”


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